Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Make Money On Youtube As A Video Blogger

make money on youtube as a video blogger

The first step is to create a Gmail account after registration, then go to YouTube.com and open an account with your Gmail address, if you have a Gmail address officially then no need opening another Gmail again .just register directly, when registering  on YouTube ensure that you enter your right individual details, don't make any mistake.

After registration...now its opportunity to transfer your video but before then you have to ASK yourself what kind from video would you like to transfer as a video blogger??Or observer or you need to simply make interesting videos??.... The question to the answer should determine the kind of video you want to create.

Now one of the kind of videos you can create is making commentary about your opinion about a particular music video and here is why...for example you can make a video of you giving your opinion about "hello" and when uploading your video on YouTube you can select a tag which is like the name people can search your videos with or under the categories which they can find the video...

So if for example you made a video commentary on Adele song tag the video as "my opinion on hello by Adele" by doing this you will get huge traffic because hello by Adele gets millions of views per month and when people search for her video, your video will be among the videos showing when her video is searched, why you may want to ask??that is the benefit of the tag....now how you can start making money from your video is to monetize the video by joining the YouTube partner program.

Now joining the program is totally free when you upload your video, go to "settings" and you will see where they wrote "monetize" click the monetize button and after doing that you can complete the YouTube partner program...now to receive payment as a YouTube partner you will need Google Adsense enabled.

don't worry during your YouTube monetization you will see where you will be asked to click to open your Google Adsense account and if you have a Google Adsense account before then you will see where you can Log into and finish the YouTube monetization registration...next details is what we will need to create the quality videos that will look nice and attractive to viewers

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