Sunday, November 13, 2016

How To earn more Cash (money)on fiverr

how to earn more cash on fiverr

1. Not seeing Fiverr as a business

This is the biggest error anyone could make. Though fiverr may seem like a personal stuff (like where the title of a gig normally begins with "I WILL...") but in the core reality of it, Fiverr is a serious business.

To make good money on fiverr you must treat your fiverr profile the way you treat your business.

You must talk to your buyers like an experienced customer care rep when they message you instead of talking to them as if you are chatting with your Facebook friends. You must use formal tones and correct spellings so as to keep your buyers coming back.

2. Promising what you can't deliver

A perfect instance where people err on this is in terms of DELIVERY TIME.

Fiverr would never penalize you for setting 10 days as your delivery time for a simple flier design (provided your buyers are cool with it). But setting 24 hours as your delivery time and eventually delivering latter than that will affect your rating.

This explains why you would hear people say "I was getting orders but it suddenly stopped."

3. Being too scared of your buyers

I have said that Fiverr should be seen as a business. And ordinarily, you shouldn't be afraid of your customers as to letting them abuse your business. Be free to let them know your terms of service. And don't sound like a desperate seller.

4. Making silly mistakes

Fact is ; Nigerians and citizens of other countries are creating their fiverr accounts under the US flag.

If you don't then you may not make much sales (at least from my experience). However, some sellers tend to forget what they have done and would respond wrongly to buyers especially if it involves making excuses.

Take for example a situation where you were unable to deliver an order on time and went ahead to tell your buyer (perhaps from USA) that you couldn't deliver on time because you didn't have light for days or due to poor network in your village. That's funny but some do

Another error under this point would be not sounding like a native of bilingual as stated in your profile. Your buyers would be quick to notice that. So study their speech or writing pattern.

5. Staying offline

I have always told my students that a major key for success on Fiverr is staying online at the right moment. No matter how professional you may think you are, buyers often send messages to those who are online.

Each time I have less orders on queue I get new orders by simply logging in and doing other stuff on a separate tab.

6. Setting security questions

If you are going to be faking your profile then I recommend you skip Fiverr's security question. That feature may look useful but it's actually a trap.

If fiverr noticed a mix up in your IP address (perhaps because you forgot to switch on your VPN) they would most probably reset the answer to your security question. The aim is to make you contact customer support and when you do, they would request your true identity. By then, deportation is

I think with the tips above we are good to go happy earning

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