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10 Applications Nigerians Utilized The Most In 2016

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Taking a gander at the previous year, how about we take a gander at the applications Nigerians utilized the most and can be found on practically every Nigerian telephone

1. WhatsApp

The Texting application would keep on being Nigerians most loved with regards to It's content and call gadgets. This is the application utilized most by Nigeria in 2016

2. Snapchat

Kind of what turned into a moment hit for the current year, Snapchat is by all accounts the informal community favored by Nigerians in the year 2016

3. Twitter

Twitter is the keep going on my rundown additionally exceptionally prevalent among Nigerians in 2016 with people as well as organizations, occasions and media houses utilizing twitter like never before in 2016.


Score! Furthermore, Score! Legend where recreations that you'll have draw a way with your finger from a player to the objective post to score. These we hit amusements in Nigeria particularly in mid 2016. Tho individuals once in a while play it now yet the diversion can even now be found in numerous Nigerians telephone .

5. Genuine guest

An application that proposes names of obscure guests from It's online database of contacts, genuine guest, this is additionally one of the applications that could be found on numerous Nigerians telephones in 2016.

6. Shazam

Shazam, a tune acknowledgment application utilizing sound fingerprinting innovation is additionally one application that turned out to be broadly utilized by Nigerians in 2016


The record sharing application that utilizations Wi-Fi-direct to share documents, photograph and recordings is another application broadly utilized by Nigerians particularly in 2016.

8. Uber

The transportation organization uber which with It's application you can arrange a taxi from your present area to your correct goal was additionally a moment hit in 2016. At the point when numerous Nigerians utilizing it administrations.

9. Instagram

Snapchat is not overwhelming the opposition particularly when Instagram now offers Snapchat like elements, Instagram is additionally a standout amongst the most well known informal organization utilized by numerous Nigerians.

10. Musical drama

Musical drama and Musical drama Smaller than normal is still the most celebrated program among Nigerians, this makes it a standout amongst the most utilized application by Nigerians

Website Vs Weblog See The difference

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This is a question i ask myself times without number is there any similarity between a website and a weblog?  From my research and with the help of and i was able to distinguish vividly the differences between the two. 

 According to .wikipedia A website[1] is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server. A website may be accessible via a public Internet Protocol (IP) network, such as the Internet, or a private local area network (LAN), by referencing a uniform resource locator (URL) that identifies the site.

Websites have many functions and can be used in various fashions; a website can be a personal website, a commercial website for a company, a government website or a non-profit organization website. Websites can be the work of an individual, a business or other organization, and are typically dedicated to a particular topic or purpose, ranging from entertainment and social networking to providing news and education. All publicly accessible websites collectively constitute the World Wide Web, while private websites, such as a company's website for its employees, are typically a part of an intranet.

Features Of A Website Includes;  

  • Formal/legitimate.
  • content is static.
  • Interactivity does no longer exist. There is only one-method communication.
  • Verbal exchange about products and/or offerings.
  • Transactional.
  • Just about all people has a internet site. Correctly, it is just about a requirement in business at present.
A weblog; however, is continuously providing capabilities customers and current buyers with fascinating and valuable content material and the web publication enables them to have interaction with the blogger and the discussions that they've collectively can be potentially never-ending. No longer handiest are you able to and your buyers have discussions but they are able to additionally ask questions you can answer.

Also, a blog supplies a dimension to the content which you couldn’t get out of your website content material. Via your regular and average web publication content, you're going to ultimately be regarded as a discipline topic educated in your niche and people will turn to you for solutions. This may promote increasingly discussions.

What is particularly being accomplished on this case is that relationships are being developed and reinforced. One of the crucial humans with whom you interact in your weblog will in no way end up your consumers. That's flawlessly ideal. They can engage with you as so much as they like and do not must fear about any strain to buy something. A very most important truth is that the individuals with whom you interact are getting to know you as a individual, which entails your level of integrity, your passion for what you're doing and supplying and your capabilities, expertise that you simply impart to them.

Blogs have a variety of valuable points that are very helpful in selling interactivity. Blogs permit visitors to subscribe to them so they may be able to acquire updates on a very general basis. They're going to at all times be instructed when new content is brought or there has been some replace to the social media profiles of the men and women with whom they interact.

As a way to particularly be strong, blogs will have to have new postings as a minimum a few times a week. Recent, long-established content may be very foremost. The content material is strictly what attracts and retains persons and plenty of of these persons will eventually turn out to be customers.

The genuine intent of a blog is to provide invaluable, valuable, informative and interesting content that helps other men and women and that they in finding intriguing. A blog’s cause is certainly to not advertise or to do a hard sell on any one. When you try to use your blog in that manner, you'll be very disenchanted with the outcome. You are going to not be equipped to construct relationships with any individual and also you most likely won’t promote very so much. Individuals don’t buy from people whom they don’t trust. The only manner that they are going to believe you is that if they get to grasp you.

Features Of A Weblog

  • Not formal. 
  • Interactivity about industry/purchaser problems. 
  • Informative and educational. 
  • Content is normally up-to-date. 
  • Interactive.

Excellent solution to believe a few website is in phrases of it being a virtual store that sells merchandise and/or services. A internet site is the best discussion board to self-promote and promote. Advertising and buying and selling are precisely what persons assume when they consult with a website. When they are on the point of making a purchase of some kind, they go to a internet site in order to satisfy their wishes.

They may be able to both buy whatever online straight from your website or they can use your internet site to find out precisely where your bricks and mortar retailer is placed so that they may be able to come and purchase products and/or services from you in man or woman. Once a purchaser has bought something from you, there's a very high possibility that they're going to not return to your retailer once more.

It is also basically inconceivable to build relationships with your talents patrons and current buyers for your website considering the fact that the internet site is static. Once a man or woman has bought some thing from you, there's no capabilities for interactivity so the relationship will in no way have a chance to boost and develop.

Blogs and web sites work in very distinct ways, serve very specific purposes and produce specific brief-term outcome. Nonetheless, they're both imperative to develop your on-line exposure and to fortify your online business status. It's major to have both as part of your online presence. They perform good collectively and undeniably, you're going to see optimistic results over the long run if they are a part of your enterprise online.

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The best way to Get Google Adsense Approval With a brand new blog

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Avoid Third Party Ads or Programs:
Earlier than applying to AdSense, be certain you don’t enable or location every other 0.33 occasion banner advert code in your website. Google (employees) will strictly look into your internet site manually and they hate seeing some third occasion advertisements mounted in your internet site. Keep away from Infolinks, Chitika, Yahoo commercials or some other third get together network to get the primary impact clean for your internet site. Make certain you put simplest the recent content and some common widgets on the internet site.

Site Does Not Comply With Google AdSense Policies

No rich, designated and significant content material, no healthy site visitors, pages with little to no fashioned content or dangerous person expertise through clear navigation and institution.

Your internet site is also the one who drives site visitors by way of illegal sources, web sites with excessive key words or poorly coded design are in most cases rejected.

So you desire a complete steerage and record of matters that you just ought to do before making use of for Google AdSense.

Google Analytics Code:

Adding Google Analytics code in your website is a trusted element for the approval. Adding Analytics onto your website show that you're actively tracking your visitors and is far occupied with the data of your users who discuss with your website. If you happen to haven’t created one, click right here to register the application. Once registered, get your tracking code by way of growing new account below the accounts tab and enter your internet site name, URL and different required important points. Situation the code on each page of your internet site to monitor the info instantly.

 Create Privacy Page for Your Blog:

Some of the long-established errors that the majority new bloggers. Although there are people out there who say that having a privateness policy for a blog doesn’t make experience but they're incorrect!

The first thing you are going to need to observe for Google AdSense and get approval is the privateness coverage of your web publication or internet site. In case you don’t have it you can't get approval easy is that.

Why is it major?

It’s requirement of AdSense and secondly, this privateness coverage way you aren't a scam and gives the experience of a major trade. Google will check the relaxation of the conditions simplest when you've got this coverage.

 Create About Us page:

Like privacy coverage, you must have an about page so as to get authorized. This also shows that there's a real person behind the blog.

An About page has a essential position and value although you don’t need to apply for AdSense. But with regards to AdSense, they are about zero possibilities of getting permitted if you are not displaying this web page.

About page without difficulty describe you and your web publication . This will not only support you determine a relationship with readers however it is going to additionally make them trust you.

Alexa Rank:

since the Alexa rank has always been an issue, as many men and women disagree that Google doesn’t care about your global rankings. Believe me, I strongly believe that this is without doubt one of the foremost checklist any manual operator assessments before even opening your website data. How can anyone rapidly decide about a website performance? The reply is modest, and its Alexa rating. So make sure you install the Alexa toolbar.

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Find out how to flip Your web publication right into a money-Making business

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Actually start Your weblog

This would seem ridiculously apparent, and apologies to people who are already up and going for walks, nevertheless it’s effective how many men and women simply don’t take the plunge and truely get began on their weblog in the first position. There's effectively no excuse for this as commencing a blog really is particularly convenient.

Don’t let what you don’t recognize preserve you back. Blogging is whatever that practically everyone has to be trained as they go. All personal blogs start out small. Simply get started and for your feet before you start desirous about how you're going to flip your web publication right into a money-making trade.

Department Out

depending on what your blog makes a specialty of, you can be equipped to generate a whole new sales circulation by means of merchandise.

Photographers can sell their prints straight to their readers. Writers and poets could present custom made portions of unique work. And any one who has some lovable little logo or some other sort of routine motif, can improve this right into a recognizable brand that can be emblazoned on nearly anything that you would be able to believe of.

Merchandise isn’t the one subject that your blog could diversify into. In your loyal readers, and the people who pay attention to most of these things, you at the moment are a useful commodity. Whether or not you strengthen this via online workshops, consulting, visitor-running a blog, a booklet, or even television and radio appearances, there are countless viable and beneficial approaches so that you can step out from at the back of the display and provides your blog a face persons can join with.

Do Some learning

the arena of search engine optimisation is by and large a mystery to most persons, but this is some thing that desires to change if you want a Google search to direct people to your blog. You don’t need to get a Masters in seo, and even come to be an seo expert, but you do have got to comprehend the basics. 

Getting an understanding of seo will handiest take in somewhat bit of your time, however it'll prove invaluable as you look to show your weblog right into a cash-making business.

Promote Your space

once you have developed your blog to the factor the place you are attracting a general viewers, the next step is so that you can  selling advertising space on your page. One of the most easiest ways of doing that is via Google’s AdSense. Sign-up is effortless and once done you will routinely start to generate profits every time a reader clicks on one of the vital commercials in your web publication.

In case your audience is really commencing to grow, you may want to believe about branching out past AdSense and looking at which affiliates might be concerned with providing you some better cash.

Particularly Turning Your weblog into a cash Making business
At a unique factor, where you've got come to be victorious beyond your wildest goals, you are going to ought to  believe about absolutely strolling your blog more like a business. This involves a whole new set of challenges, however simplification will be the key now as you have to center of attention on preserving your baby ticking over while managing the new expectations that come together with it.

When your weblog is that this developed you are going to frequently want support in keeping it. This doesn’t mean that you're going to not manage the content material, however you may want an individual else to truely be keeping monitor of matters and publishing your posts for you. A good legal professional would also be a person you should have picked up by means of this point.

The sector is your oyster, however you’re going to wish authentic help to make sure you proceed to hold harvesting pearls!


 Share Your Posts

Your blog is setup, and you’re pretty happy with the way everything is going. The problem is that nobody is actually reading it.

One of the easiest ways to get your blog out there is for you to start promoting your blog by sharing your posts on all of your social media channels. If your friends start liking your links, their friends will start to see that too. Little by little, you will start to build your audience.

On top of this you should also look at and engage with the more established blogs of people who are producing content in a similar field to your own. If those blogs have a comment section, let these guys know that you like what they are doing. Chances are that this will bring you to their attention, too.

Top 100 Page Rank sites to build quality backlinks

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Top 100 Page Rank sites to build quality backlinks

Search engine optimization (SEO) has modified so much in contemporary few years and so the crawling of one-way links. In SEO assess point of view, link constructing is most important for website or weblog success. If you have extra backlinks from the excessive PageRank [PR] web page, your search engine rating shall be certainly high. One-way links prove to search engines that how much your internet site is standard on your niche.

Below are the top 100 page rank sites that will help you build quality backlinks



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Mtn Is Giving Out 4GB Grab Yours Now

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Don't Miss This Offer From Mtn

Mtn Is Giving Out 4GB Grab Yours Now

Happy new month guys i came across this great news in a whatsapp group and i tried it immediately lo and behold i was given a whopping data of 4G, but sad news is,it valid for 7 days.

Despite the economic melt down MTN still find it easy to give out free data which simpy means this year will be a whoa , a year of free data right?,

Mind you it also select sim, i will advice you to use old sim and if you are lucky you will given on your new sim.

mtn 4G free
For doubting thomas

 MTN Nigeria users, dial *559 *444#  If you are lucky, you will be given 4gb data,  Seems it is a New Year data gift.



visit any nearby customer care shop and swap to 4G LTE and start flexing your new year bonus from mtn

thank me later.


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.com VS .net – Which Domain Extension Should You Choose?

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.com vs .net domain extention

What are domain Extensions?

All internet site names are powered by a registry operator. The registry operator can use extraordinary suffixes reminiscent of .Com, .Web, .Org and so on. These are called area extensions.

Area extensions are picking out texts that show up as a part of your website’s tackle. Depending on the style of area extension you used, it really works to specify a website’s internet category or country code. For example, domains ending in .Com are normally used for business internet sites even as domains ending in .Edu characterize educational associations’ web sites.